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Life is unbelievably enriched by exposing oneself to another’s culture and it is the people we meet along the way who touch our lives in unforgettable ways. My life has been touched by many of these amazing people. For 12 years we have assisted young travellers obtain visas, and work & travel through various programs enabling them to get there and meet these wonderful people.

My passion for travel was ignited in 1995 when I embarked on a 4 year working holiday abroad. The journey was epic. Sharing this experience with others was naturally the next step, and my travel business was born in 2001. Making the world accessible and guiding travellers has been the highlight of my career. We advise, encourage and inspire our clients. We are passionate about helping them achieve their travel dreams. Sure, there will be challenging times, but overcoming these makes you streetwise and stronger.

The good times far outweigh the bad. You will see spectacular places, your life will be immensely enriched with adventure and, most importantly, you will have fun. Lots of it.

My travels took me to intriguing places. Using the UK as my base, I back-packed through Europe, Thailand and Canada. My travel bug not yet fulfilled, I accepted an au pair placement with the most amazing family in upstate New York, USA. It was a very special experience and we continue our close relationship today.

Being an au pair in the United States gives me valuable insight and experience when placing clients from South Africa.

My last port of call was St Maarten in the Caribbean, visiting some of the best dive spots in the world like Saba, St Kitts, St Bart’s and St Eustatius.

Once the travel bug bites you can’t get rid of it. Since I have been back in South Africa, I have been back to the UK, Europe, Greece, Mauritius and New Zealand and I know my travels are not over. There is still so much of this wonderful world to see.

Ignite your passion, step into the great wide world and start your own epic journey.

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